Saturday, August 2, 2014

Takeover - Year 17

The helicopters came first, their loud propellers ending the 17-year silence of Roseward's skies. Aaiden actually believed for a second that they might be saved. They soon realized the disease had been too devastating. It had taken over a decade for the military to recoup. 17 years now had passed and the nation was still overrun by Zombies. 

The nights were filled with gunfire as a military installation was hastily put up. The building was protected by a tall electric fence plastered with yellow warning signs.

It took a year before Aaiden and Shianne had their first visitors. A twenty something man with a short buzzed hair cut and a young woman with a tight black bun stood on their doorstep both adorned in riot gear with large unidentifiable guns strapped to them. On the first day they provided the family with a generator and 4 cellular phones. 

On the second visit they gave the family a piece of news that would change the course of their lives. 

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