Saturday, July 26, 2014

Aaiden - Day 35

Aaiden watched out the window. 

Shianne had been outside for the last several hours attempting to start a garden. Their supply of cans had slowly began to dwindle, and with autumn shortly approaching Shianne had decided they should begin to grow their own food. 

Both Sims were convinced that no other humans were around, and they weren't concerned about the zombies having a taste for lettuce. 

After Shianne returned inside, Aaiden was relieved from his duties as watch guard. He plopped into a chair and opened a book. Fortunately, for Aaiden he loved to read. Without the use of electronics, entertainment options were severely limited. Shianne had grown restless over the last several days, but the two Sims hardly interacted. 

Aaiden decided he had enough silence. He wanted to get to know his mysterious companion.

"So what were you before...before this," He stammered. 

Shianne just looked at him blankly, a few seconds passed before she answered, "I was a personal trainer."

Aaiden managed a chuckle, "well good thing, you have the body for kicking Zombie ass."

Shianne did not reciprocate Aaiden's laughter. "You?" She asked pointedly. 

"I was a school teacher, here is Roseward," he clarified, "off for the summer when this all went down."

"What did you teach?"

"Science, 12th grade."

"So you should be able to figure out a cure right?"

Aaiden stifled a laugh, "I wish."

The two sat in silence once again. 

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