Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shianne - Day 45

The late Summer sun caused their garden to sprout, but their house was sweltering without air conditioning. 

Aaiden and Shianne spent the hottest hours stripped down enjoying their few entertainment options. 

Aaiden constantly attempted to socialize with Shianne, but she usually kept her wall up. 

"So are you originally from Roseward?" he asked. 

Shianne finally lowered her guard a bit, "No," she answered solemnly. 

"I'm from Bridgeport. We were here trying to get away from the big city for a week. We were on our honeymoon."

"Oh," Aaiden said softly.

"It was our last full day here," Shianne began, "We had heard stories back home...about the disease...but shrugged it off. You know how the media sensationalizes everything. We were by the bookstore, walking back to our motel room...when chaos broke out." Shianne's voice started shaking. 

"You don't have to continue if you don't want to," Aaiden reassured.

"No, It's been long enough," Shianne said clearing her throat. "We heard the screams, and we saw a man coming towards us. He was covered in blood and his eyes were yellow. There was another woman in front of us. She was frozen with fear, and he grabbed her. He ripped her throat just in the movies. George, my husband run up towards them...he was like that, you know, always wanted to help out. He tried to pull them apart but then that man leapt towards George and...and bit him!"

Aaiden remained silent and let Shianne continue. "There was so much blood. The last thing George told me was to run...and I did. I ran...I left him. I had been hiding out, scavenging food, and always running...until you saw me."

"I'm so sorry," Aaiden said softly. "I had no one before the outbreak. I mean I lost friends, but I was alone before and I was alone after." They stared at each other for a few minutes until Shianne pulled herself closer to him. 

Aaiden wrapped his arm around his companion and they sat together. He could feel her breathing calm down and he enjoyed the closeness of having another person so nearby. 

Reading each other's body language, they both leaned in for a kiss.

Passion overtook, and Shianne finally let her guard down completely. 

It was also the first time that she had smiled since the day George died. 

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